A Valentine’s Rose

The second half of January passed in a fog, the dreaded head cold, the struggle to make it through the day. But no one wants to hear that stuff, so I’ll spare you. Except to say that somehow my befuddled brain could wrap itself around the words and images. Relieved to escape the world, I lost myself in the work.

In my mood the rain was nice and I begrudged the sun’s return. A reminder that we are still in a drought and it’s time to tear out the lawn. Did you know that roses are not as fussy as some people think? They can make it with a drink once a week if necessary.

So here is yesterday’s (mostly David Austin) rose order, with some notes and colors. Fragrance was criteria #1, lush double blossoms, and constant blooms. Happy Valentine’s Day.

1 St. Swithun, gal, now, creamy pink, shade
2 Golden Celebration, gal, now, yellow, fragrant, shade
1 Just Joey, band, now, tangerine, 4×3, no shade
1 The Endeavour, band, march, 3/23, salmon, no shade, thornless
1 Lady Emma Hamilton, band, march, 4×3, cut, tangerine, no shade
1 The Impressionist, gal, now 9×6, cut, gold/orange/rose, no shade
2 Jude the Obscure, gal, now, 4×4 cream, cut, no shade
1 Sceptre de l’Isle, gal, now, pink, fragrant
1 Queen Nefertiti, band, march, 3×3, yellow/apricot, no shade
1 Abraham Darby, band, march, 5, apricot/gold, shade
1 Rose de Rescht, 3×3, band, march, red, fragrant, shade,
1 Falstaff, band, march, 4×4, crimson/purple, no shade,

1 Prospero, band, red, march, 3×3

PS These are bare root, with band smaller than gallon. I’ll post the first flower.

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