StingerEnter the mysterious world of Stinger, a romantic spy thriller with a twist. The mystery begins in an old Silk Road border town when a shipment of Stingers goes missing under the nose of CIA officer Nick Daley. But what is he up to? A graveyard murder leads him—and us—deeper into a shadowy world of spies and secret agendas. Amid these conspiracies, Nick and investigative reporter Robin Reeves weave their own webs as they vie to find her former Berkeley lover, Jamal, now an elusive Afghan leader. An unusual triangle develops amid a realm of intrigue and betrayal, where hidden agendas provide their own kind of veil until the truth is revealed in a shattering climax.

In an interview, author Chambers says: “I’m interested in both the world out there and the world within: adventure and the human heart. I love a great story with complex, believable characters. I like mysteries and espionage. In Stinger, I’ve tried to combine all these elements into an exciting and suspenseful work of fiction that is grounded in reality.”

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Praise for Stinger:

Horse-Drawn Tonga, Pakistan
Horse-Drawn Tonga, Pakistan

“This is a good spy story taking place in a locale and war about which we know little. I found the book compelling, and had to finish it before I could go to bed. The ending surprised me, but I won’t spoil it for you by telling.”
—Sara Berger, Mysterious Women

“A superbly crafted and highly recommended political thriller, Stinger… is a ripping good novel of page-turning suspense and plot-twisting intrigue.”
—James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review

“The first book in the Nick Daley series is a captivating and thrilling excursion… When I put (it) down at the end, I had to say ‘Wow.’ Then I went in search of (Chambers’) next one, The Company She Keeps.”
—Randall Masteller,

“Diana Chambers has created a world of breathtaking suspense and action-packed political intrigue… Her characters burst unforgettably from the pages.”
—Harold Livingston, screenwriter, “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”

“Forget ‘armchair adventure.’ This is an edge-of-your-seat action thriller.”
—Charles Benoit, author of Relative Danger and You

Village near Khyber Pass
Village near Khyber Pass

“This book moves fast, hitting one suspenseful peak after another until the final shocking revelation… Stinger keeps readers on their toes trying to keep up with the plot twists. Highly recommended, but not as a bedtime book—not if you want untroubled dreams.”
—Karen Treanor, New Mystery Reader

Stinger is a crackling spy story that takes you from the bazaars of Peshawar to the secret heart of Afghanistan by means of a surprising romantic triangle.”
—Richard M. Rosenbloom, producer of “Sinatra” and “Cagney and Lacey”

“The story spirals into a web of danger in a shadowy world of spies, hidden agendas, veiled identities and finally a shattering conclusion… Throughout the twists and turns, (Chambers’) writing preserves its sharp sense of place and immediacy.”
—Stacy Trevenon, Half Moon Bay Review

“Thick with realistic suspense and political intrigue, Stinger will soon have readers forgetting it is a fictional tale. Anyone who enjoys strong female characters, romance and stories laced with CIA agents will enjoy Diana Chambers’ novel. Journalist Robin Reeves is hot on the trail of a great story, and she has a solid contact to approach-the leader of an Afghan group the governments would love to get their hands on is her former college love. Her tenacity in pursuit of the story impresses handsome CIA agent Nick Daley, while advancing closer to making contact with her ex-lover. Soon, though, she finds that her stroke of luck is far from a coincidence, and that the meddling nature of governments and fanatics has her dancing like a puppet on a string. Chambers keeps readers on their toes with twists that will leave them guessing what is going to happen next, and the ending has a great surprise in store.”
—Curled Up With a Good Book (read the full review)

Stinger is a mix of history, culture (and) romance. The mystery is who is manipulating whom, and who will get away with it… There are surprises with the turn of every page.”
—D. Killarney, CoastViews Magazine