Use Your Words

From Here to Eternity
That’s what they tell little kids. Use your words, not your hands. As a writer, I use them both, my hands channeling words and images via my keyboard. I have not posted here for awhile, busy finishing two big manuscripts in the past year and pushing halfway through the third. Having worked on these three projects for what seems like an eternity, I set myself a goal about fifteen months ago to get them out in the world. I have my editor’s notes on the last one but am taking a holiday break. 

(The Adventure of) Oliver Twist

In the meantime, I seem to have used up all my words (temporarily), and so offer you some wonderful images. Thanksgiving weekend, we went to a screening of Mission Impossible at Lucas Films in San Francisco and as much as I enjoyed the movie, I was even more smitten with these old French and Italian film posters. 

The Nightmare of Dracula (released in the US as The Horror of Dracula)
Creature from the Black Lagoon
The Bat
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence
The Searchers

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