In Search of the Past: Sri Lanka: Part 6: The Ancient City of Polonnaruwa

Having come to Sri Lanka for book research, I hope to set an important scene at Polonnaruwa, an ancient city-state of culture and power in the central upcountry area. About 1000 years ago, the visionary king set out to create an enduring civilization. To maintain a water supply, he built a great reservoir lake, now left to the wild elephants to enjoy.

His irrigation canals are still in use, too.

Otherwise, much of his development has fallen into ruins, which I begin to explore in search of a dramatic spot for a secret meeting. We tromp around the king’s swimming pool.

His parliament.

His great Buddhas and temples.

His palace.

Then, just up from the lake, an eye-catching butterfly leads us to an intriguing site…

The old library. I can see my character creeping up from her lakeshore picnic into the shrubbery…

Viewing the clandestine rendezvous through crumbled openings.

While spying on my imaginary characters, the langur monkeys are spying on us, including this mother and child.

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